1 of the most powerful and popular certificate is GOST certificate

Posted on 25/10/2020 8:13am

Every countryside looks after its inhabitants. That is why many countries have introduced certifications which claim what is approved and what is not allowed to import to certain country. When country has its own standards and standards all must support them. Unless, badly behaved citizens will go to jail or will have to give a ticket. 1 of the most powerful and popular license is GOST certificate. GOST certification confirms that goods which are sent or produced in Russia meet the Russian safety standards.

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Here are 2 kinds of Gost Russia guarantees. The 1st one is for a solo delivery, for instance, when you send or deliver items only one time. The certificate have to used only one time. It is much cheaper than serial manufacture certificate. The second option is a license for a serial manufacture purpose. If you are an possessor of Gost certification (url) you are approved to import items in 1, two or three years. However, in some cases there should be conducted the factory inspection. Here usually go two or 3 experts from Russian Federation and test the quality of factory and the excellenceof produced goods.

Furthermore, here may be required some extra guarantees in some cases like: fire safetycertification or Administration Registration.

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What sort of information have to you provide when you want to receive shipment ( solo) license? You have to give filled information about the producer. The information have to include: filled name of your company, address of the company, duty number. The second important information have to relate to the receiver – his filled name,addressand duty no.

There have to also be included invoice, full name of the manufactured good, description of the manufactured good,and the extracertificates which have been already received to its item. Russia is a country where a competitive market is huge and it is difficult to go there. Nevertheless,a person who does not struggle, not is successful. When you will try hard and your products will be well, the Russian will be pleased to have you!

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