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Posted on 17/10/2021 7:27am

During previous decade Polish people get an opportunity to travel whole around the europe, enjoying great offers of small airline companies. That is why our continent become too small for us, and we want to travel to another regions.

If you're interested in nice vacations in any popular country, you have to consider a journey to USA.


Author: Bố Tony

Before you book a flight or last minute offer to United States, you need to take care about travel visa, because still Polish people require that to enter this country. It'll take some time to get this paper, therefore you better begin organization one year before the trip. First of all reserve online an interview with American council, you can wait about few months for a date. Than you have to visit some of embassies, localized in capital or Cracow.

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You'll have to drive there in person and answer for several questions about your career, finances and family status. If you aren't a past criminal you should not have an issue to get visa.

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If you're traveling to USA on your own the cheapest flight from Poland should be to NYC. You may also get last minute tours for southern locations in that country. Beside, also after few days in NYC you may move to another locations, with domestic flights, that are in really attractive price. In NYC you need to visit Manhattan, with it amazing skyscrapers, such as Empire State Building for example. Beside, in this district you'll see Central Park, the largest place of green in the American state.

From NYC you better take a flight to Los Angeles or San Francisco, both cities are amazing and stuffed with sun. From this state is also easy to get on Hawaii, amazing island with lovely beaches.

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