Preparation for holidays in Asian destinations

Posted on 25/09/2019 9:35am

Asia is one of the top vacation destinations for Polish people nowadays. Since couple of years, airline tickets to India, Vietnam or Japan are becoming cheaper, therefore nothing surprising is in this trend.

Author: Thomas Rousing

but if you're thinking about future summer in any exotic country you have to prepare yourself very carefully, especially if you wish to spend a lot of time outside the hotel.

Tropical countries, like Cambodia and India for example, are entirely different then Poland. Individuals, who are living in there got different microbial flora, therefore they may eat whatever they like in their country without getting sick. Unfortunately, if Polish person would drink not boiled water or unclean food, it's big chance of some bad stomach condition. That's why you better take on a plane with you some drugs for nausea and diarrhea. Beside, few weeks before the trip (continue reading) don't forget to check recommended vaccines, you should get before vacation. It may be for Ebola, ague or dysentery, your travel agency would also tell you about that.

When you are about to see some of Asian city jungle for vacation, you have to get ready for a large crowd everywhere. Places such as Bangkok and Mumbai are a residence for plenty of millions of people, so it could be really unpleasant for you at first. And with such large crowd you need to remember about robbers, they're really common.

Do not walk on the street with too much money with you, leave the passport in the hotel, don't go to the shady and lonely alleys. Asia is also known for entirely different culture, which you, as a visitor have to respect. It would aid you to avoid plenty of unpleasant situations. Mostly you have to pay attention in Muslim countries.

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