It’s gonna be completely different holiday this year!

Posted on 24/01/2020 7:56am
Author: Dima Viunnyk
This year together with husband we have made a decision to spent upcoming holidays in quite not standard way. Instead of taking a flight somewhere or taking a train, we have decided to go by our car. But this was not the only 1 new thing for us. We haven’t choose any destination but to go around by our car whenever we would feel like travel to. Firstly, that idea sounded for me too crazy to do it, but eventually I agreed due to 2 things.

Arrange great journey to South America

Posted on 14/11/2019 7:29am
Author: Radek Kołakowski
Summer season is for many of us moment for holidays, plenty of European locations are warm and sunny in time of June or August. However sometimes it is difficult to get a week off from work, because other people like to have it either.

Incredible destination which is definitely worth to visit

Posted on 30/08/2019 7:39am
santorini accommodation
Author: Damian Gadal
There are tons of marvelous destinations to see all over the world. Nonetheless, some of these destinations are more unique than others. Such places are simply the “must see” for everybody, at least once in the lifetime.

The Greek vacations

Posted on 23/01/2020 7:01pm
Author: Hotel Pałacyk
Everyone who are looking for unusual location for holiday should think about Greece and the Greek isles.

Greece is truly a nation put in the southern corner of Europe on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

What Asian target should we reflect on for next holidays?

Posted on 16/01/2020 7:26am
swimming pool
Author: Smart Media Sp. z o. o.
Source: Smart Media Sp. z o. o.
It is indisputable fact that travelling generates a lot of options for growth. During extended trips we can get contact with completely new tradition and habits what is usually a large advantage.

Dental care in different countries

Posted on 17/12/2019 7:20am
Author: East Midtown
Nowadays, many of people are crossing the boards for many types of reasons. We are driving for vacations, visiting our friends and families, going for work for a longer period of time. We are adjusting for our trip very good, packing bags we will be using there, searching for nice places in destination towns. But there is one other thing we must to pay attention for. Medical insurance.

Wondering which transport is best for traveling in Eastern Europe?

Posted on 23/01/2020 6:09pm
If you have ever been to Eastern Europe, you obviously are aware of one thing – in these countries it might take a bit longer to get from one city to another. When in the Western Europe train connections are greatly well developed (a good example can be TGV in France), in many Eastern European countries that may still be more difficult. A useful example, to present this subject more, is Poland. It is the largest country in this region, which is very attractive for tourists, because:

Get married in beauty Italian area.

Posted on 23/01/2020 5:50pm
Bukiet weselny
Author: Tiago
The latest studies have shown that In 2014, more partners decided of changing their marital status in contrast to 2013. Moreover, most of them wanted to do it in an uncommon way. A few good examples are:

Santorini accommodation – why is this service becoming improvingly common among diverse newlyweds?

Posted on 28/07/2017 1:43pm
Author: Jon Bunting
Increasing percentage of people nowadays tend to be keen on making their honeymoon be as memorable as possible. It is indicated by the fact that, firstly, for majority of people it is only a period of time that happens once in the lifetime. Thus, in order to make proper use of this time it is for us required to not forget that mostly there are a variety of diverse interesting places that are a great destination for the beginning of a common chapter in the life of young people.