Tropical vacation or sightseeing in large city?

Posted on 03/12/2022 8:10am

Most of the travelers are thinking that perfect holiday is to visit some exotic destination, getting sun bath and enjoying ancient monuments. However every year more and more tourists decide to modify this fashion and better want to visit big metropolis in our continent, not always situated in the southern part of map.

Which alternative will be better for your requires?

all inclusive
Author: Carl Wycoff

Tropical vacations

When we are taking entire week off at work it's important to have a chance to rest much during this term. That's why really fascinating concept is to book all inclusive deal in a travel agency to any southern destination. Nowadays the most popular are Greek isles, which can offer a lot of great monuments. You got a lot of options to select. If you like to have nice time also at night Corfu will be the best idea. This is the island designed for younger people, so many of night clubs are open till the late night. Or maybe you like to enjoy some European architecture? In that case Rome or Barcelona will be the most proper.


When you're not an admirer of hot temperature you better think of a journey to Scandinavia, land filled with interesting metropolis. You can easily arrange it by yourself, or go to travel office, which are offering all inclusive tours to Norway or Finland for example. Summer is the best time to visit northern lands, then weather in Helsinki or Stockholm is ideal, not really hot, but sunny and without rain.

Especially Iceland may be tempting, in that place you'll see amazing examples of wild nature and astonishing architecture. Also United Kingdom is famous for summer vacations, especially when you're fan of medieval buildings.

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You can find plenty of beautiful castles in Scotland for instance.

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