Which could be the most awesome destinations for this summer?

Posted on 26/04/2022 7:16am

Selecting the place to the current vacations it’s worth considering not only about the weather on the spot, but also the travel costs. Cause if you can’t see the difference between the beaches – why pay more?
Galicia is the farthest parts of Spain, bordering in the south with Portugal and the north and west with the Atlantic Ocean.
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It’s one of the undiscovered by travelers corners of the Spain. By the way, the wildlife and the rocky coast of breathtaking bays and little cities, where life goes really slow, are awesome place to chillout. Prices there are much lower than in different parts of Spain. Additionally to the local tapas bars we sould taste seafood and meat of higher quality (read more). To came here, it is best to buy tickets for flights to Madrid. That is a so good place to start a travel. Another interesting and at the same level cheap spot is Cyprus.

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More strictly, the main city. When something happens in Cyprus, it takes place in the capital and also the biggest city of the island. Nicosia have a lot of spots and works of local art. Besides the tours fine spots is also Troodos.
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Current vacations is a good time for wandering. It’s greatest peak named Olimbos has a height of 1,952 meters. Flights to Cyprus are rather cheap and same living costs too. What else you could know about Cyprus? Taking a car, be aware of one thing – here is valid drive on the left.
Cyprus and Spain are spots that are good for a vacations even for a couple moments (visit this website). They are an awesome option for them who are searching for a spot to spend a pretty long Saturday and Sunday or a holiday this year and detachment from everyday life.

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